Katie Hopkins confronts “Palestinian” propagandist in Israel


Here in Hebron, the situation is tense. It is clear: Jews and Muslims are at war and the streets are deserted.

Just 50 metres from here, a Palestinian stabbed an IDF soldier and was shot dead as he lay injured on the ground.

We are told this man is the photographer who filmed Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier who shot the Palestinian terrorist. This soldier served nine months in prison for doing his job — and has just been released.

My sources tell me that this photographer works for the extreme leftist organisation B’Tselem, an NGO funded by the George Soros group Open Borders (amongst others) that has been doing huge damage to the IDF by restricting their ability to fight back against terror.

And here he was, back at the scene of the incident, playing to the cameras, perpetuating the MSM narrative, stirring tension on the ground.

Sick of the way the liberal press fans the flames of hatred here, and the increases dangers faced by young IDF soldiers in the face of terror, restricting their ability to respond, I confronted him.